What CommForms can do for your
Community Support Services Agency

Send Service Requests Securely

With CommForms your clients and their caregivers can send you their service requests such as ride bookings, foot care appointments or frozen meals on wheels orders safely and securely with confidence. CommForms is PHIPA & PIPEDA compliant and 100% encrypted.

With our new CommForms portal, clients can track the status of their requests online, request changes and even cancel their service requests.

Office staff can edit, book or cancel these requests and send automated updates to clients reducing the need for confirmation calls.

Helps your service coordinators work more efficiently!

With CommForms your staff will spend less time listening to voice mails and taking service request orders over the phone. When using CommForms, your risk of manual errors when writing down meals on wheels orders and service requests is also reduced.

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Questions and answers

1How will using CommForms change my agency's work process?
CommForms is designed to adapt to your existing work processes streamlining them and making them more efficient. The only change is the lessening of service request phone calls as staff will receive service requests on-line instead.
2How will using CommForms affect my clients?
CommForms lets your clients send you their service requests from anywhere at anytime from any device! Clients and their caregivers no longer have to be limited to making their service requests by phone or in person when your office is open. CommForms gives them the option and freedom to make and send you their service requests whenever they want.

CommForms has been designed with seniors and their caregivers in mind.

CommForms is senior friendly, easy to use and accessible.
3How quickly can my agency be setup with CommForms?
CommForms can be customized and tailored to your specific agency needs and can be up and running for your office staff and clients to use in as little as 5 business days.

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iPad & Tablet Friendly

CommForms allows your clients or their caregivers to securely send you service requests from wherever they are from any device, including Ipads, Tablets & Smartphones

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